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Charles A. Perrone, „Margins and Marginals: New Brazilian Poetry of the 1970s”

Luso-Brazilian Review, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Summer, 1994) pdf


As for new Brazilian poetry – i.e. the output of poets born from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s and representing emergent stylistic tendencies – the 1970s were marked by pluralism and contrast. While many individual approaches to lyrical expression and textmaking were taken, and shared to greater and lesser degrees, overall practice operated between two poles. On one extreme, there was the informality of so-called poesia marginal and related extra-literary interests. On the other, there was what has been termed criação intersemiotica, encompassing post-concretist visual poetry and „constructivist” verse. Regardless of positioning between the poles, certain traits are shared by young writers of the 1970s. Across the spread of the spectrum, though with divergent motivations, there were stylistic mixtures and a thrust toward re-subjectivization in lyric. The unfolding fan of 1970s phenomena was built on a series of contrastive features and conceptual oppositions between poesia marginal and other youth poetry. The former – on the axis of subjectivity/objectivity – declared neo-romantic preferences, while non-marginals acted on modified classical impulses. Where spontaneity and actual experience interested one, elaboration and applied imagination were more important for the other. The colloquial was a primary aspect of poesia marginal, often in a literal empirical sense, while its counterpart sought more literary solutions. Oral qualities thus contrasted with desires for writerly textuality. In conjunction, poesia marginal might be seen as handicraft next to the manufactured products of the other sector. While having sparked new interest in poetry as cultural practice, received more critical (including journalistic) attention, and, in effect, shaped views of poetry in the 1970s, poesia marginal, qua trend, proved to be ephemeral and limiting. Those who superseded or challenged the limitations, in turn, merit well-contextualized attention.

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